Applied Research Center

Fraunhofer is one of Europe’s leading organisations in the field of applied research and technology development. It is non-profit organisation comprising of 72 individual institutes in Germany. The Institute leading Fraunhofer’s project involvement will be the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology (IGB). IGB are experts in innovative environmental engineering technologies. IGB employs over 315 people, primarily scientists and engineers.

The IGB department involved in this project is experienced in Physical Process Technology and develops processes and components based on physical and physico-chemical principles, including evaporation and drying with super-heated-steam, electrophoretic separation, wastewater treatment and primary / secondary winning of materials.

Role in the Project: Adapting SHS drying technology as pre- or post-treatment for CarSiFer application, administrative support, communication & dissemination.