CRM Group

Research Center in Metallurgy

CRM Group (located in Liège and Gent, Belgium; is a research organization providing its customers with innovative technological solutions for the processing of steel, non-ferrous metals and associated materials, from primary and secondary raw materials up to finished products and their recycling.

CRM Group combines skilled and experienced research teams (265 staff members) with unparalleled testing facilities,

from laboratory to pilot and even semi-industrial scale, in the fields of cold pre-processing (drying, mixing, agglomeration…), thermo-chemical treatments (calcination, direct reduction, smelting reduction, pyrolysis, gasification under low or high pressure,…), metal solidification and processing (casting, cold and hot rolling, thermo-mechanical treatments), advanced coating and additive manufacturing techniques.

Role in the project: Agglomeration tests with existing unit to support prototype design, thermodynamic modelling, quality testing.