Valuable Industrial Waste

Nowadays, most ores and metals are imported to Europe, which, inherently, already constitutes a growing geopolitical concern. At the same time, a great amount of potentially valuable industrial waste with high metallic content are also unused, diluted with other waste streams or dumped in landfills.


Most of the time, these wastes contain a mix of carbon/graphite, iron, silicon and valuable metals as manganese, copper and nickel, which could be valorized by the industry.

Solution for Waste Disposal

Our CarSiFer (Carbon, Silicon, Iron) project intends to provide a solution for waste disposal and an alternative raw material product for metallurgy foundries.


To transform these waste streams containing carbon/graphite, silicon and metals (as oxides, hydroxides or metals) into useful metallurgical product for foundries, we are addressing several aspects ranging from the identification and collection of waste streams to the actual treatment of the material through briquetting and finally to deliveries of our raw material products to foundries for validation.


CarSiFer Concept Prozess