2nd Consortium Meeting

2nd Consortium Meeting on 13th November 2019

The 2nd consortium meeting was hosted again by CarSiFer coordinator Revatech at their head office in Engis, Belgium, 20km from Liège. This site has two main production processes : dry mixing and physico-chemical processes. Thanks to its mixing hall, 10 reactors, 5 filter presses and numerous storing tanks, the site produces, out of waste from 20L to several tons, 3 main outputs : mineral mix for cement manufacturer, metal concentrates for the metallurgy and stabilized waste for landfills.

Moreover, this site is preparing a new permit for 2022 in which it is meant to introduce the agglomeration activity. Yet, waiting for the industrial unit, the R&D team developed the first pilot unit (35kg/h) which was presented during the consortium meeting.